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A newspaper like web-app that allows you to be aware of the whole crypto ecosystem.
Our solution includes clear market data header, news summed-up by our AI, Social Network trader's feeling.



A powerful tool to instantly have an overview ! 📰

Accurate market data.

Our graphs allow you to understand the crytocurrency market without being overtaken by indicators.

Artificial Intelligence.

We are using expert systems to sum up press releases, process large financial data set and provide you the best informations.


We are able to give you a concentrate of news thanks to our partners and our algorithm.

Social network.

We're analysing the crypto side of social networks to provide you the main feeling.

What's in my Koffy ?

Every day, find a summary of the news, the state of the markets, a sentimental analysis of social networks, job offers and NFT trends. We're constantly improving Koffy by adding new features, you (the readers) are suggesting to us !


Our media and data partners :

We work in collaboration with local and international web3 media to always cover the news in the most accurate way possible !

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Frequently-asked questions

How can i subcribe for Koffy ?

To register : all you'll need is an email and a password.

After subscription, how long does it take for my account to be enabled ?

It takes up to 5 minutes for your account to be enabled after a successfull payment, if it takes more that 10 minutes, please send us an email or call us !


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